House Committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues


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Rep. Neave

Rep. Swanson

Rep. Cook

Rep. Frank

Rep. Leach

Rep. Ramos

Rep. Talarico
Rep. Vasut

Rep. Wu



The House Committee on Juvenile & Family Issues has 9 members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:


  • The commitment and rehabilitation of youth

  • The construction, operation, and management of correctional facilities of the state and facilities used for the commitment and rehabilitation of youths

  • Juvenile delinquency and gang violence

  • Criminal law, prohibitions, standards, and penalties as applied to juveniles

  • Criminal procedure in the courts of Texas as it relates to juveniles

  • Civil law as it relates to familial relationships, including rights, duties, remedies, and procedures

  • The following state agencies: the Texas Juvenile Justice Board, the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, the Office of Independent Ombudsman for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, and the Advisory Council on Juvenile Services