House Committee on International Relations & Economic Development


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Vice Chair:   












Rep. Button

Rep. Morales of Harris

Rep. Beckley

Rep. Bell of Montgomery

Rep. Canales

Rep. Hunter

Rep. Larson

Rep. Metcalf

Rep. Oraz Perez 



The House Committee on International Relations & Economic Development has 9 members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:


  • The relations between the State of Texas and other nations, including matters related to trade relations and international trade zones

  • The relations between the state of Texas and the federal government other than matters involving defense, emergency preparedness and veterans issues

  • The relations between Texas and other states of the US

  • International commerce and trade

  • International and border regions

  • The provision of public services to persons residing in proximity to Texas' international border, or other areas of the state that have experienced a significant increase in the percentage of the population that consists of immigrants from other nations

  • The following state agency: the Office of State-Federal Relations