House Committee on General Investigating 


Position          Member


Vice Chair:   









Clerk:     Brittney Madden

Phone:   (512) 463-0780

Room:    E2.170

Rep. Krause

Rep. Neave

Rep. Klick

Rep. Pacheco

Rep. Smith 

The House Committee on General Investigating has 5 members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:


  • The committee may investigate a matter related to the misconduct, malfeasance, misfeasance, abuse of office, or incompetency of an individual or officer. The committee also has the authority to propose articles of impeachment.

  • The committee has jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the conduct and ethical standards applicable to state and local governments officers and employees, including individuals appointed to offices of the executive branch of state government for the purpose of ensuring that an appointed officer is acting in the best interests of the State of Texas.

  • This committee has jurisdiction over the operation of, including transparency in the reporting of financial transactions by, agencies of the judicial and executive branches of state government and affiliated entities or foundations.